Author Topic: How to Help The Development of The Annularis Marketplace Software  (Read 1584 times)


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Coding is probably the best way to help. If you can code or do design, get in touch and we'll discuss everything with you.

Another way is to interview us. If you write for magazines, journals, podcasts. vlogs, etc. I am very happy to be on audio/video interviews or answer any text questions you might have.

You can donate to us here:

Monero Public Address:

Monero View Key:


If you have other coins you can donate via -- We will receive the payment in the form of Monero.

We will generally convert the Bitcoin to monero or use bitcoin first for costs such as hosting, development, and so on. I think the value of monero is likely to increase more than bitcoins so it is preferable for us to hold.

I will also setup the ability to donate via credit card using Stripe. If you want to do that now, contact me.

We're not really asking for any financial donations yet, just posting this so I can link to it on the forum. 

There is a good chance we're going to do a Monero FFS -- so you may want to donate that way. I believe it has mile marker payouts and so it will have more accountability.  Keep an eye on this post and we will update this with the FFS link when we move forward with that.
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How to Help The Development of The Annularis Marketplace Software
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Hello I need help I dont know how to put the banner in my forum... I know how to put it in skins but I dont have a skin now...
If it helps my forum is an Invisionfree forum...

Please someone answer me as soon as possible...